03 August 2017


Funny things happened yesterday. I watched along and fie siang ikan. Yes, i literally just 'watching', sitting behind 'em while doing nothing. I tak suka siang ikan bcs of the smell. Ikan kan hanyir and that's one of the reason why i tak makan ikan. 

After they finished doing the chores, my sis shouted loudly, "Yeayy dah pandai siang ikan! Boleh kahwin!! Mu takleh kawin lagi sebab tak pandai siang ikan" (while pointing at me -_-) Hmm, anyway that was her first time siang ikan so pardon the excitedness.

Then, my mom menyampukk, she said "kena lah pandai siang ikan, nanti kena test dengan mak mertua baru tahuu" She gang up with my sis. So unfair tsk tsk. While my mom said that, i geleng kepala bcs i was unagree with Ma and then Fie said, "Tengok tu dia geleng sebab dia takde mak mertua" Hahahaha what hv i done?! But we were laughing sebab they knew siapa yang i maksudkan. Pastu Ma cakap, "Tok dia lagi scary dari mak dia". Well that's true. So what now? Did my mom already agree if i marry him? Tak sangka Ma respond gitu.

Update :
Waitt, i dont even know the point of me writing this post. At first i thought it's funny but idk where's the funny part. The ending is serious though. But wtv i think this story deserved a post on my blog :)))))) okbye

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